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Monday, June 07, 2010


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Not dying is a very good thing--I'm most exceedingly glad to hear it. Having good medical facilities nearby is an important consideration for Annie and me whenever we pull up stakes and fold our tents. We're not within walking distance of any good hospitals here, but they are not terribly distant. What we haven't found yet is a decent general practitioner or internist who doesn't practice assembly line medicine and issue boiler-plate diagnoses. The best MDs we ever had were from Johns Hopkins or the Mayo clinic. Don't get me started....When you decide at some point that you need a change of scenery, please know that we would love to have you visit with us in G-boro. Our digs, while not commodious, are comfortable and pleasing. Please file for future reference.

I would be honored to visit you. Thank you.
I found my great Romanian internistin NJ when he saw my son in the ER and I liked him so much--his manner was casual but competent, he wasn't stuffy,very smart--I got his card, looked him up on the internet, and became his patient. European doctors are sometimes more willing to think on their own two feet, and they treat you like an equal.

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