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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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I'm glad to hear things are better. I haven't had stuffed grape leaves in eons. Years ago when we lived in a little town in SW Georgia, we helped a Kurdish refugee family get re-settled after they fled Iraq. Dolma was on the menu everyday in their home. Razea, the mom, was a fabulous cook. She had her work cut out for her--she and her husband had 7 kids. The only thing she prepared that I couldn't deal with was something called "doogh" (I think)--some sort of yogurt-based beverage. I stuck with tea--hot and very, very sweet. But I digress...enjoy your dolma!

Now I am curious about that "doogh" you mention--I have no doubt it was noxious but I can't recall it from my youth. Will nose around and see if I can't find out its ingredients. :-)

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