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Thursday, May 27, 2010


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Hang in there Tina and I will keep you in my prayers. Can you get a job? Paid work, whatever it is, gives my life structure and validation...and companionship.

I can always use prayers. I'm afraid I have some health stuff to take care of before I run off to Macy's to work at the sales counter--luckily my studies and writng and relationships give my life structure and validation--and I am working on an essay on (what else) divorce. Meanwhile, hope I didn't scare too many people with that post. I am happily ensconced in a nice place in Pittsburgh, in Oakland --surrounded by one of the best groups of hospitals in the world--and lovely Andrew Carnegie architecture. I even have a balcony. Pittsburgh is the kind of place I have always wanted to be after I escaped the suburbs --I can walk anywhere, including to art museums, used bookstores, and I have two pharmacies a block away, both of whose staffs are very friendly to me by now. I can have Indian food delivered to my room. I can once again eat pastrami and corned beef. I can once again remember that I am a citizen of the world,and surrounded in this wonderful city by students and their families from just about anywhere you can think of.

The word "harrowing" seems inadequate! Annie and I are grateful for your prayerful support through our little trials, and we offer up prayers for you. Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities, in large part because it was home to good friends--Seth Ginsburg, Mark Aickelin, and the late David Shapiro. I haven't been there since the early nineties. For a fun day, be sure to head over to Kennywood, an amusement park in the grand old tradition. It will make you feel like a kid again.

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